Saturday, 2 November 2013


My latest post on the ICMIZER website has been published and can be read here:

In this post, I evaluate and compare the two most popular ICM calculators on the market, ICMIZER and SNG Wizard.

As always, here’s a quick snippet to whet your appetite:
Raise-call function

Since we’ve established no more actions can be accounted for once the hero has put chips in the pot, the Wizard is unable to calculate raise-call/inducing spots i.e. the hero opens with a raise and then faces a shove. ICMIZER on the other hand has a raise-call function which is very useful since you can calculate exactly what you can profitably induce with against an opponent once you open and they shove. To make this possible in the Wizard, you would have to re-arrange the stack sizes and situate the hero in the BB facing a shove. Unless you can alter the blinds to replicate the scenario to the exact, this will produce inaccurate and if anything, more conservative results since the pot odds will be different as the hero will have fewer chips invested.
Let’s firstly take a look at an example in ICMIZER:


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