Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Nash Equilibrium

So my latest article for the official ICMIZER website has been published and can be read here:
In this article, I explain what Nash Equilibrium is when it comes to poker whilst highlighting some of its limitations, and evaluate the Nash calculator function in ICMIZER. This feature was in beta for quite some time but has been fully developed and is now good to use.

In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from the article:
One of the most common situations in poker where people adopt Nash ranges is HU at high blind levels against a tough opponent. This limits any edge your opponent has over you and any shove you make is unexploitable so can’t be wrong. If you revert to this style of play then your opponent will have to do the same to avoid being exploited. Usually, the caller will do better since their range is tighter so when stacks end up all-in the caller will have a stronger range; this however is balanced with the fact that the pusher picks up the blinds more often, so in the long run the number of chips lost and won will be equal therefore it’s a break-even proposition for both player’s.



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