Wednesday, 18 September 2013

ICMIZER article

So my second article for the official ICMIZER website has been published and is so far picking up a decent number of likes!

You can check out the article here:
The article discusses in great depths playing the short stack on the bubble, particularly focusing on call ranges against the big stack. This is a very commonly misplayed spot in poker and this article will show how you can eliminate these common mistakes and maximise your $EV in these awkward situations.
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A sneak preview:


The result

And what do you know...

We can only call off with 5% in this spot and it loses money to call with A-Qo. It's not uncommon to see players snap call with A-Qo and even much wider and to do so is simply throwing your money away. Calling off with A-8 suited for instance costs more than 1% of the prize pool which is pretty criminal but something you'll observe fairly often. And remember, this is against a big stack who knows ICM and elects to shove almost any two cards here; if you were up against a tight BTN or a player who didn't know ICM and the power of their big stack then they would be pushing way tighter than this range which in turn means the hero's range for calling off would be tighter.

That’s all for now folks!

My next article to be published on the ICMIZER site will be covering some of the features of ICMIZER and evaluating it with similar tools such as SNG Wizard, so keep your eyes peeled!

Live long and propser

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