Saturday, 12 January 2013

Goals for 2013

2013: Let’s do it!

In 2013, I aim to play at least 30 hours of poker a week and will make efforts to start recording hours in a document to ensure I’m doing just that. I probably spend way more time than most reviewing my own play and studying the game, but going forward I intend to dedicate the majority of my time to playing. Whilst reviewing your own play and studying is great for the long run it’s also important to achieve balance: there’s not much value in spending 20 hours a week studying if it resulted in an hourly rate increase from $40 to $45 and only actually playing 10 hours for a profit of $450 when you could have just spent those 30 hours playing for the lower hourly of $40 and weekly profit of $1200. That’s not to say studying/perfecting your game won’t be great for your profits in the long run or long term hourly rate for that matter, but only when you’re able to start finally putting in the hours!

Volume goals/Leaderboard challenge

Increasing my hours by around 3x the amount also means increasing volume, so I plan on playing at least 12,000 SNGs this year. With the number of games I plan on playing this year combined with my average stake means I’ll be targeting around 400k VPPs – this should make for some pretty healthy yearly profits so long as I do well enough on the tables!

This year I’ll be focusing on $60 and $100 games, whilst playing lower when the running games are unfavourable, and table selecting above $100 stakes when the games are +EV. With this in mind, I’m going to challenge myself to finish the year ranked #1 in the world on the Sharkscope leaderboard “Hold’em 5-6 players turbo” across $36-$100 stakes. I was fortunate enough to achieve 6 Sharkscope stars this year, ranking specifically #9 in this leaderboard but more hours and more tables hopefully means I can challenge for that platinum star! Since I’m going to have to count on not running bad over a long sample or breaking even for like 6k games then I won’t regularly review my position, or set monetary goals at all in the year for that matter. Aside from it being a distraction, it might be pretty demotivating to set monetary goals and find yourself way behind targets, but I may put a few prop bets on with a couple of poker players for the leaderboard challenge which may aid motivation towards putting in good volume.


I’m also excited to report I’ve taken on a horse this year and will be staking him up to 100 BIs to play the $30 6max’s, and any profitable $60s that run. He’s already a very competent player, but I’ll be providing additional coaching and live sweat sessions throughout the year. It’s a pretty good deal for both of us I think and fingers crossed he has a good year after a torrid year of run-bad in 2012. I shall keep his identity anonymous for now, but I’ll be sure to report on how things are going!

Summary of goals:

In short, my goals for the year are:

  • Play in the region of 30-40 hours of poker a week
  • Play 12,000 SNGs
  • Earn 400k VPPs
  • Improve multi-tabling skills
  • Maintain an average stake of at least $80
  • Finish the year ranked #1 on SS leaderboard “Hold’em 5-6 players turbo, $36-$100”
  • Spend around 30 minutes after a session reviewing key all-in hands
  • Work on mental game
  • Improve fitness
  • In general, CRRUSSHHH!!!!!

I won’t bother elaborating too much on the last couple of goals, but I intend on updating each month with my volume and hours to ensure I’m putting the necessary work in and this should hopefully act as a good motivator.

That basically wraps up everything for now, watch out for a hand review to be posted in the next few days, and GL in 2013!!!


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